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In an effort to expand, improve and to keep our audience informed and entertained. We’re happy to introduce our new blog schedule: • Wednesday’s with Gin’elle & Sunday’s with Curls ‘n Curves.  Also, Our “lifestyle” tab, which is a new addition to the blog where you’ll get to know your writers on a more personal… Continue reading Extra Extra Read All About It!

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#HairCrack -DIY protein treatment

Hey Dolls, It’s Gin’elle  and I’m about to pour you up some tea!  #HairTea that is😊☕️ Ok so if you’re a CreamyCrack Addicts like myself overtime you’ve probably experience the worst part, breakage or dryness. Which is unfortunately my current situation. Now my breakage was caused by constant ponytails. (I LOVE a ponytail) and black gel.… Continue reading #HairCrack -DIY protein treatment