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#HairCrack -DIY protein treatment

Hey Dolls, It’s Gin’elle  and I’m about to pour you up some tea!  #HairTea that is😊☕️ Ok so if you’re a CreamyCrack Addicts like myself overtime you’ve probably experience the worst part, breakage or dryness. Which is unfortunately my current situation. Now my breakage was caused by constant ponytails. (I LOVE a ponytail) and black gel.… Continue reading #HairCrack -DIY protein treatment

Creamy Crack Addict

STILL Addicted To That Creamy Crack!

Hey Queens! Gin’elle’s back with some tea for your sugar. “Yeah, yeah” I know I’m one of the few left in the soon to be extinct group of #TeamyCreamyCrack! Maybe that means I’ll get lower prices on my perms, lol! I’ve heard all the stories, read all the social media posts but nothing has been… Continue reading STILL Addicted To That Creamy Crack!