I Tried a Personal Trainer (and Survived)

Back in February, I decided to hire a personal trainer. I have always been relatively in shape, but this past year in college my metabolism must have taken a nose dive and all that Buffalo Wild Wings started showing up around the waist. In the words of Sansa Stark, “the most honorable thing we can do is look truth in the face.” I knew I wasn’t going to get myself to workout at the gym and if I started sweating or feeling tired I knew I’d walk out and go home. I needed someone to hold me accountable, so I found Body by Carrie.

I chose to work with Carrie in particular because she was super passionate and acted more as a life coach than just a trainer. We got to know each other really closely. She asked me what I had been eating. She would text me a couple times a day just to check in. She called me after I got my belly button pierced to see how bad it hurt (sorry mom)! When seeking out a personal trainer, I would definitely recommend one like her that covers all avenues of life. Especially someone with a nutrition background.

Something I learned while training is that you can work out as much as you want, but if you’re eating pizza every night, you won’t lose the weight. Sorry for the harsh reality. For a while, I was getting really frustrated because I was training and staying the same weight. Granted, I was looking a little more toned and tight, but the number on the scale remained the same. Nutrition is half the battle so it’s important you stick to a strict diet during the process so that you can see a return on your investment.

Speaking of investment… Having a personal trainer is expensive. I paid $44 each session and $12 each spin class. I was spinning and training twice a week each, so you do the math. These were pretty standard rates when I was interviewing other trainers. If you are someone who is good at holding yourself accountable but want to try it, I would recommend trying a trainer for a month. You will learn a lot of new exercises that you have never seen or heard of before and you’ll learn the proper form. Believe me, I was apparently doing so many things wrong that could lead to injury. Since it is a big chunk of change, you could go and learn from them and then implement the work outs on your own after.

I was pushed in ways that I had never pushed myself. I would sweat so much in one hour’s time that my hair would be completely soaking. My mental health has improved and I feel better all around. If you can do it, do it. It may just change your life!

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