American Airlines Admirals Club Review

After traveling with my dad, who is a member of the American Airlines Admirals Club, I have realized that I am truly missing out on how the other half lives. This luxurious experience has since made waiting for my plane at the gate almost insufferable! I’m joking, but not really…

What it is: A private lounge away from the rest of the common folk with “complimentary amenities and services are available to make your travel more productive and relaxing.” These include: snacks, drinks  (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic), made to order food, WIFI, a business center, shower suites, travel assistance, comfortable seating and more in over 50 airport locations.

How to join: Enroll as a an AAdvantage member. Prices range from $550-$650 per year for an individual user. Or buy a day pass for $59/day when you get to the airport. You can bring members in your immediate family but they have to be with you and show boarding pass and ID upon arrival.

Other benefits: Special offers from partner companies like car rentals, better seat selection, standby list upgrade requests, and same-day ticketing.

My experience: I’ve been to the Admirals Clubs in Chicago and Tampa, and they vary in size depending on location. Chicago’s was much grander and a little nicer, but they offered the same exact snacks between the two of them. They each had a guacamole bar, an assortment of veggies and cheese, soup options, etc.

Depending on the time of the day, they will either have cereal, oatmeal and other breakfast items out or things like pasta, salmon, and so-on. The food is almost the exact same between the different lounges. One thing I noticed is how quiet it is. Everyone seemed to be working from their computer or enjoying the food. Otherwise, there was TV’s on low volume throughout playing the news or one of my personal favorites, Shark Tank.

It’s most definitely something that I strive to be a member of one day for a couple reasons; 1. You only need it if you travel often which is something to hope for and 2. Means you’ve got $600 to throw around. I hope you get to try out the good life sometime soon yourself. As for me, well, I’m writing this sitting on the floor somewhere in JFK.

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