S20’s Hack: College-Sized Closet Organization

This week, I wanted to show you how to fit a lot of clothes into a small closet with a practical organization system. My room is well under 100 sq. feet and there’s not even room to put my dresser outside of the closet! I was fed up with my current system, which was the no-system system. I tended to just grab a free hanger and shove the item wherever there was room.

The way that I do things is much easier and the process was super stress relieving. As the seasons begin to change, this is also the perfect opportunity to pick out items you don’t wear anymore and donate them.

Step 1: Start with your staple items

What do you find yourself reaching for the most? For me, it’s outerwear. From my blazers to my leather jackets, these are in my everyday rotation due to the Iowa cold. Take only the items you consider staple items and lay them out. Now carve out a spot in the dead center of your closet and put the staples there. Similar items with each other. Mine went from ascending formalness: blazers, leather jackets, denim jackets, fluffy jackets.

Step 2: Build around the staples with the next most common items

Next, I took all of my shirts an organized them by kind. I chose to do both sleeve length and occasion. These are the next most frequently worn, so they were placed on either side of the outerwear. The further from the center, the less likely I was to wear this. Things like sweaters and shirts I can wear to work, dinner, class, or anywhere at all were in the middle. Little crop tops took to the sidelines.

Step 3: Do what you can with what you have!

I have to imagine that if you’re reading this as a college student, your living situation is awfully similar to mine. Your room is probably small, but you try to keep it cute and fun so that it doesn’t feel so claustrophobic. In an ideal world, I would have a walk-in closet. I would have matching black hangers. I would especially love to have a fancy clothing rack that I put outside of the closet with my most beautiful purchases on and display them like art, but that’s not going to happen until I have waaaay more space.

So you have to do what you can with what you have. I do hate looking at my array of mismatch hangers, but to make things slightly better, I made a point to go through and turn all of my hangers facing the same direction. You would not believe how much of a difference this makes! If you can find little changes as small as this, you will feel so much better– promise!!

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