S20’s Hack: Open House Set-Up in Under 5 Mins!

If you’re anything like me, from time to time you may suffer from laziness. A trait that has been given a mostly bad rap that can actually help you excel in your business. TedX speaker, Scott H. Young said it best– “Laziness + Drive = Productivity.” And if you are a Realtor who suffers from this condition, this open house hack will be sure to help you increase your productivity and ensure that your event is going to catch those buyers’ eyes!

Step 1: Compile everything you need into one bag

Are you having a slow day in the office? This is the time to get everything in order for your future open houses. I keep an excess of promo material and handouts in a bag that gets thrown into the back of my car and I haven’t run out 10+ open houses later. It makes things much easier to not worry about every open house as an individual event and think of what I should bring, when I have everything I will really ever need in the car with me at all times.

What’s in my bag?

  • Business cards
  • Sign-in sheets
  • Information/stat sheets on me and my team
  • Buyer/Seller packets
  • Any fun handouts I can get from the marketing department, i.e. pens, keychains, stickers, cups, koozies, etc.

Step 2: Bring your computer

I always bring my laptop with me to play soft music in the background. One of my core beliefs is treating others with the courtesy that I myself would like to be given. If I was buying a home, I wouldn’t want the Realtor listening to me think out loud, possibly offending them when I say how much I hate the carpet.

Turn on some John Mayer and lighten the mood! I also keep the property info on the screen to refer to in case of any questions. Plus, it helps show how tech savvy you are 😉

Step 3: The actual set-up

I should also note that I keep at least 3 open house signs to place outdoors in the trunk of my car at all times. I will put a sign on the closest busy street, one on the street of the property, and one out in front of the home.

Inside, I take everything out of the bag and organize it always on the kitchen counter or island. This is the part of the home people spend the most time in and where I typically like to post up. Make it easily accessible and inviting for your guests and arrange it by item. Take the bag and stash it in a cupboard for optimal organization!

I only arrive 5-10 mins before the event begins and can set this up quickly and without worry because I know exactly what I will be doing every time. This set-up will be sure to leave a lasting impression of your brand on those future buyers:

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