Eyelash Extensions: Everything You Need to Know

Wow, has this turned into a beauty blog after all? 

Welcome back to Selfish Twenties, the blog for young, professional women. It’s been almost 2 months since I’ve posted *gasp*. Between working in the Real Estate biz and spending some R&R time in Cali and Florida, I’ve been a little busy.

Last time I wrote, it was about my love for the Powder Dipped Nail craze. Today, I bring you something tried and true; something that I can’t help but splurging on about 4 times a year:



Now, I’ve never talked about these on the blog before, BUT I have been doing eyelash extensions off and on for a couple years now. They make all the difference in the world and cut my morning prep in half. It looks like you’re wearing makeup even if you had just woke up 5 mins ago!

The Process

  1. Make an appointment. This isn’t a walk-in service and be prepared to spend up to 2 and a half hours at the salon.
  2. The tech will lay you down and put some sort of adhesive patch under the eye to pin down your lower lashes. This step will be the only (slight) instance of discomfort during the whole procedure.
  3. The tech picks up synthetic eyelashes, one-by-one, with a pair of tweezers, dips the extension in glue, and carefully attaches it on top of your individual, real lash. Your eyes will be closed the entire time.
  4. It’s that simple. You might lay there for 5-10 mins and wait for the glue to dry before you get to see your instant and STUNNING results.

The Cost

Remember when I said I only do it maybe 4 times a year? That is 100% due to the cost. The lashes fall out naturally over the course of a month-6 weeks and you have to get them refilled. The original service is $100-150 depending on the number of layers you do (I only did 2 layers here, at the price of $100) and each refill is $60-80. 

I let them fall out and only get them done around times where I want to look my best on a regular basis. For instance, I chose to get a set for the month of September where we have 4 home football games and will be around many many people each weekend. Another example, getting them done right before spring break.

Although they are pricey, they are definitely worth splurging on at least once to see whether or not they’re for you. I get many compliments on them and it’s hard not to catch a confidence boost with them. When I have the funds, my eyelashes will be long and gorgeous all year round 🙂


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