Effortless Outfits from Work to the Gym

When I get home from my 9-5, the last thing I want to do is laundry.  I’d much rather let my labradoodle indulge in hours of belly rubs as I watch Million Dollar Listing LA.  So my strategy is doing it as infrequently as I can (in a totally hygenic way, obviously).

I refuse to change multiple times a day and waste clothes on a one-time wear.  Instead, I buy leggings that look remarkably close to “real pants” as I call them, or pants that would be acceptable in the office.

My recommendation? Express’ High Waisted Leggings. They stretch like a dream and look great in the office.  I usually shop Express when they have a promotion running, which they often do.  These leggings are simple enough that you can wear them again and again to maximize your cost-per-wear.

Time management is everything when you’re balancing a social life, studies, and selling houses.

Not to mention getting 30 minutes in the gym, which is sadly as long as I can usually bear it. 

Simple outfits, like the Express leggings with a plain top and a statement piece of jewelry are an essential. Women young and old appreciate acute necklace, and you’re almost always sure to get a compliment from someone passing by your desk.   

Another secret? Long cardigans. This allows me to wear legging leggings that cannot pass as “real pants.” They look stylish and add another dimension to your getup.

Keep it simple with a solid-colored tank, slip your cardigan off and your tennis shoes on and get on your cardio grind!

Life is about feeling good. Release those endorphins and mentally prepare yourself for whatever’s in store for you.  There’s nothing better than a good sweat and saving some dollars.

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