Save that $: 5 Things Beauty You CAN Live Without

Isn’t it funny how Sephora has a sixth sense that your direct deposit just hit? They do an outstanding job of getting me to buy products that I don’t need. I have new responsibilities and new bills I have to budget for, so some of this stuff has just got to go. Here are some beauty items I suggest cutting out of your budget entirely:

1. Manicures and pedicures

The average cost for a manicure or pedicure is usually somewhere between $20-$35. More if you want acrylic nails (which is HORRIBLE for your natural nails) or gel polish.

This is is something that I firmly believe that everyone should learn to do at home as a really easy way to cut down expenses. It takes a while to get good at, but if you’re a regular nail salon goer, it will save you hundreds every month.

2. Setting spray

In my experience, setting spray has just never worked. I’ve tried several kinds, from the highly praised Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray to drugstore brands like Nyx’s Matte Finish Spray. It claims to keep makeup looking fresh for up to 16 hours.

Whenever I used setting spray to finish off my makeup, I ended up looking kind of greasy or sweaty and it was noticeable in photos. I eventually stopped when I got to the end of my Urban Decay All Nighter (retails for $32, I had to use all of it) and have been way happier with how I look without it.

 3. Trendy theme collections

Products with a theme are almost always a pass. Think unicorn, mermaid, zodiac themes (among many others).

These almost always WILL NOT be a staple item in your makeup bag. Most often, the colors don’t make sense and they are full of shades that are not practical for your 9-5.

4. Electric face cleansing brushes

You’ve probably seen brushes like this on TV where the brush head rotates back and forth. I’ve seen these range from $18 on amazon to $169 from Clarisonic and I honestly would not spend money on either one.

Facial cleansing brushes have been known to actually increase acne breakouts. My dermatologist drove me away from this product when she told me that the rotating brush just spreads the bacteria all around your skin. And I do NOT have time for breakouts!

5. Value sets

Recently, I bought a lipstick vault that came with 15 colors. So far, I like 2 of them.

You’re getting a value but you’re also getting shades you’d never ever wear. Just find colors you like, that work best for you (try samples!) and repurchase those staples. Keep one in your purse, one in your car, one on your desk– you’re better off spending money on 5 great products that you know you can count on.

Those are just some of my recommendations for beauty items that you can knock out of your monthly budget.  Stay tuned for what’s next in the Save that $ series!

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