House Hunters: Is it Realistic Real Estate?

Last night, I spent my Thursday night in the comfort of my bed and took to Twitter to answer the question:

Is HGTV’s House Hunters a realistic display of the home buying process? 

I watched one hour (or 2 episodes) of the shows latest episodes to be the judge. If you’re unfamiliar with the show, the basic premise is a Buyer gives the Realtor a budget and a wishlist and the Realtor finds the 3 best homes for them. They take a tour of the 3 homes and ultimately choose their favorite one at the end of the episode.

On this episode, we followed a Buyer named Chanté, who is a self-proclaimed woman with a “champagne taste on a sparkling wine budget.” Per usual, she had a ridiculous wishlist that made her poor Realtor’s job nearly impossible. The things that she was asking for just didn’t exist together. Nice new construction won’t have closed concept and likely won’t be in the Victorian style.

Another issue with these kind of wishlists we so commonly see on House Hunters is that they are prioritizing the wrong things. Cabinets are easy to change, focus on whether you want to have an in-home office or a nice patio.

In the end, Chanté chose the first house she toured. She had the most complaints about this (I seriously almost ripped my hair out) but, ultimately it was the least expensive. This actually IS a realistic phenomenon in Real Estate. Most Realtor’s will only show a Buyer 3 or 4 houses and often times the Buyer will choose the first one. 

Next episode, we follow around a really interesting couple.

The husband and wife have totally opposite ideas of what they want in a home. Now that’s really something you need to figure out BEFORE looking at houses and wasting a Seller/Realtor’s time.

To my horror, the Realtor shows the couple a home over $100k above their $750k budget. THAT WOULD NEVER HAPPEN. 

AND THEY CHOSE THE $850k HOUSE. It had the most tech and had a coastal feel. I can’t even begin to explain how unrealistic this whole episode was from start to finish. Even showing a client a home so grossly over budget is just unthinkable to me!

Final thoughts: 

If you’re thinking about buying a home, I don’t recommend looking to HGTV’s House Hunters for advice on the process. Do your research, prioritize your needs, and stick to your budget!

Don’t get me wrong, I love the show and it’s always fun to watch, but think of it like a fiction and not a reality. Give me a follow on Twitter @20selfish for more like this!

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