Glam Kit

Bling Bling: The season of shimmer and sparkle!

Now that the holidays are behind us, it’s time to reflect and discuss some holiday glam looks. December is that time of the year to pull out your sparkly dresses, skirts, tops and shoes and glam up your basic makeup routine. Some looks that were trending this season were sultry smokey eyes, the classic smokey eye and red lip combo, glowing skin, amped up lashes and GLITTER!!!!!
What better way to be even more extra than to pull out every color glitter eye shadow that you can think of.
With most get togethers, parties etc being held at the end of the work day, one of the keys to slaying is being able to transition from a quick day to night look.  An easy fix for this is going for a soft but shimmery eye shadow. Glittery browns, gold and my new favorite champagne are all great color choices for your eyes.

Enough chit chat though, here are some looks that were done by Altisha Pantophlet.
If I don’t do my own makeup, she’s the only other person that will bless this face while I’m in St.Maarten.
On the first look we went a little bold on the red lips and for the second look we basically added glitter and went softer on the lips.



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