Ink Stains

A Letter to my younger self

Dear 16 year old me,

Boys distracts you and can blind you to what’s really in front of you.
what’s that you ask? The answer is you.
Remember those friends your mother warned you about? Girl she was right.
You think you know yourself or have life figured out, but the truth is you don’t.
You think you know and you think that you’re at this age where you’ve got it all under control, but you don’t.
What’s in front of you is a whole new world of experiences, way beyond your little imagination and I need you to keep your hands free in order to grasp every one of them.
Put yourself first baby, and your growth and development as well.
There are long term repercussions to everything that you are thinking about doing now, Think it over well. Every thing you do, every word you say and every thought you have will create a stain that you will hold in your memory forever and will follow you all of your years.
Use your outlets and share your thoughts, for every thought you hold on to is imprinted on you and will affect you in subtle ways- ways that you will not always be aware of. The things that will eat you alive are the things that you are so adamant on keeping to yourself. Cry if you have to, Scream if you must but please don’t hold it in. With that in mind, be very conscious and selective with who and what you let into your space. Anything that drags you down to the point that you feel like you rather be dead, DOESN’T deserve to be in your presence. Let it go, your future self will thank you. It doesn’t deserve your energy nor time and so a detox is essential to your spiritual and emotional well being. Don’t fear your solitude, some day you will discover that it is right from that very same space that you’ll blossom.
Talk to god more, trust me he’s listening.

Those dreams and aspirations that you have, HOLD ON TO THEM!
Your future is so bright and you’re going to find yourself in some amazing places.
Do not rush your process, but most importantly trust it.

You are so beautiful. I wish that you could embrace that.
I love you, every single aspect of you.
Quit being so mad and stop sweating the small stuff.
Protect your heart, above all else and don’t let any of your encounters change the threshold of your love.

One last thing, BREATHE!
None of this is gonna matter in 5 years. Not one bit of it.
Most importantly, find some comfort in knowing that will not fail.


Your future self!

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