Ink Stains

Dear Me….

Dear Me,

I’m just going to be honest and admit that this is a love letter. I know this is a little awkward and even more cheesy, but you need to be reminded of how worthy you are and how much you deserve this.

I love you because you are kind, sensitive and compassionate despite all that you’ve seen and experienced. You see people in need and never hesitate to help or find ways to make their days a little brighter. After all, you are well on your way to making a career out of this. I love that you’ve chosen a career field that is centered around helping people, while you could have easily chosen something else with a higher income and less emotionally taxing, but you knew where your heart was and you’re using that passion as your drive.
I also love you because you aren’t bashful about taking time off for yourself. You have grown to realize how valuable and important you are and that you can’t help someone to their full potential if you are falling apart. You have learned the importance of energy and feel no way about stepping back from what serves you no good. Though it is still hard for you to say no, you are learning. I love you because you’ve taken the time to know what makes you happy and surround yourself with it.

I love you because you are determined, smart, motivated and ambitious. You aren’t afraid to make the necessary sacrifices to accomplish your goals and working hard is like second nature to you. You enjoy learning and finding new ways to expand your knowledge and that is the definition of sexy!

I love you because you love to be silly and your sense of humor is always on 100. You love to laugh and find something to laugh about in the most serious situations and I think that’s pretty heart warming. You find your joy in making others happy and that’s truly amazing.
I love you because even when people hurt you the most, you aren’t ashamed to get down on your knees and pray for them. Matter of fact, that’s when you pray for them the most and that shows character.

I love you because you’ve had your heart broken and you took all the time necessary to sit and put yourself back together. You are completely conscious of the fact that you don’t have to put yourself out there again until you’re truly ready and I think that’s pretty amazing. I love that despite all the negativity surrounding love, you are still a hopeless romantic even if it doesn’t show.

I love you because you allow yourself to be sad more times than none. You sit and let yourself cry and let it all out. I love that you’ve found a way to work around your anger and have identified your tolerance level. You know that you get quiet and it may be uncomfortable for others so you politely explain that you need some time alone to regroup and that shows maturity. You are beginning to be more conscious of your moods and emotions and you’re learning to communicate them to others and work your way through them by writing. You are learning each day and that’s what I love about you the most.

I love your crazy curls, your big questioning eyes and big forehead. I love the way you pout your lips and the way you frown your forehead. I love your soft skin and curvy hips. I love that you are learning to embrace your curves and speak encouraging words unto yourself.

I love that you’re unraveling yourself along this journey to find the truest version of you. I love that you are taking the necessary time out to learn more about you, your tolerance, the good and even the bad. I love that you are taken the necessary steps to make changes for the better and to accept the unchangeable. I love that you have become more courageous by the day and that you believe in yourself and your dreams more than ever before.

But most importantly, I love you for finally loving yourself and putting yourself first.


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