‘Dear Me’ Writing Challenge

Writing letters to yourself may sound crazy to some people. However, Most of us, if not all, have poured our hearts out in angry, bitter, heartbreaking letters to people who have hurt or abandoned us. 9/10 times doing this helped us to feel better in some way, even if these persons never received the letters penned in their honor. When you write to yourself, you don’t have to worry about others judging you-you just let your thoughts guide you and allow the words to flow from your pen. Later when you go back and read what you wrote, it often bring forth many truths, some more discomforting than others. This feeling i’m describing is sorta like the feeling you get when you go back and read your old Facebook posts. In my recent ink stain Dear Me.. and in my partner Gin’elle’s ink stain A Life Full Of Love Letters, We both shared a heartfelt love letter dedicated our current selves.

Writing letters to yourself brings awareness to things that we often overlook in ourselves, whether good or bad. As a start of a writing series titled “Dear me”, I hereby challenge you to pen a letter to your current self, your younger self and your future self and share your most deepest sentiments and thoughts. These letters will be something that you can always go back and read whenever you need a pick me up or even a reminder as to how amazing you are and how far you’ve come as a person, but also as a reminder to never stop working on yourself.

After writing your letters, Join us by snapping a picture in your most creative way and tag us on IG @selfishtwenties with the hashtags #SelfishTwenties #LettersToMyself #DearMe #DearSelf.

Encourage your friends to engage in this challenge, evoke more self love and self awareness in our fellow queens.

Curls ‘N Curves

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