Ink Stains

Love so simple

I miss the days when I felt like you needed me. I don’t mean solely dependent on me, but you needed me to get through your long days, needed me to run away with from everyone else, Needed me to pick out your work fits, needed me to make you feel better with my lil household remedies and tricks, needed me to stand on your back after a long day, needed me to get in the gym with you to work out, needed me to come out the room criss crossed legs to watch you play black ops or binge on your favorite sport. You Needed me to sit in the passenger side lay on your shoulder while you drive long hours. Needed to see me smile and won’t stop at anything until that mission was completed. Needed to get home from work in a hurry to get in bed with me and talk about our days. You needed me. I guess you needing me only made me need you more. Needed you to always pick up the phone but also forgetting your 24 hours are sometime scheduled or spontaneous so I shouldn’t always be to quick to anger or assumptions.The more you became unavailable to my needs the more I realized that I myself had become dependent on you. Truth be told I needed you more than you needed me. (I just reread this and got mad at myself all over again 😂 Female tendencies🙄). I got lost in love, and that’s perfectly fine but only if that feeling is mutual. I placed all my eggs in your basket. I gave out more than I got back in return. Which is a big RED Flag🚩, reciprocation should be the link that keeps two people joined together. I think we all forget sometimes that LOVE is an action word. LOVE is being a good student of another remembering that although u have common interests you are still two completely different individuals.
Its not about attending to each other’s needs, it’s more about being there for one another cause even heroes needs sidekicks. I needed you to listen not just hear me out. Love is also choice. A choice of knowing when I don’t need anything from you but I desire your presence. love is what I can do for you, not what you can do for me. I have to remind myself also to be patient with people, relationships take time and everyone comes into them with a little bit of fear. We all don’t know how each other work, that’s part of the beginning stage figuring out ourselves as well as figuring out our partner without trynna change them. Making the two differences work together.
Truth of it all is I’m needy. That’s Fact & I can admit to that, But unlike most females I need different things like reassurance and communication. Late night texts more so than day time calls cause rather talk to you when night meets morning, when im fighting sleep with my eyes half closed and my heart wide open. That mutual shit, that consistent shit, Good sex, Good meals,Watching our favorite shows Sharing a sense of humor, Logical discussions/arguments &I’m satisfied I swear lol.

And if this all seems like a lot at first sight the simple math to it all is anything if you’re loyal,
everything if you’re faithful, and all things if you stay true.

I just want to love with no walls up. That’s all❤️

What kind of love do you really want?
Figure that out. Then you can figure out what kind or partner you need to make that love work. -K’la✨


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