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#HairCrack -DIY protein treatment

Hey Dolls, It’s Gin’elle  and I’m about to pour you up some tea!  #HairTea that is😊☕️

Ok so if you’re a CreamyCrack Addicts like myself overtime you’ve probably experience the worst part, breakage or dryness. Which is unfortunately my current situation. Now my breakage was caused by constant ponytails. (I LOVE a ponytail) and black gel. Although black gel is a protein gel it contains alcohol and the over use of it dries the hair out.
Hair research: Your hair is made up of protein. Everyday styling and environmental pollution strips your hair of its moisture. Now the best way to add that moisture and shine back is by getting a protein treatment. Protein smooths the cuticle of the hair, creating smoother strands and stronger hair. Protein treatments are expensive at salons and there are hair protein products that you can get your hair store which may also be on the pricy side of things.  I always prefer the material way when it comes to my hair instead of buying those pricey treatments you can make your own easily at home. Homemade protein treatments are all natural with frequent use you get a long lasting result.

Now I use 2 different diy protein treatments

Egg Mask :
Egg is the best source of protein for your hair. The yolk is rich in fat and protein which is extremely moisturizinNow egg white on the other hand is full of bacteria eating enzymes which cleanses your hair and scalp. Use a full egg for normal to dry hair. For oily hair and scalp, use only whites. Egg alone or mixed with more protein rich ingredients can be applied to the hair.

-This treatment can be used every 2 weeks or monthly. I wash my hair out every week so I treat do a protein treatment weekly.

Take one egg or two depending on the length and thickness of your hair. Beat until frothy and apply it your hair and scalp. Make sure all your hair is completely covered. Cover with a shower cap and leave it on for about 20 minutes. Rinse with cold water and shampoo.

If you find the smell of egg unpleasant, add a lil lemon juice to your hair .

Another favorite protein treatment of mine would be Mayonnaise and avocado. Growing up my grandma always whipped eggs and mayo for for that Sunday wash day😂. But with some research I found a new combination that targeted my problem and gave amazing results!

Mayonnaise and avocado:

Mayonnaise is made of oil and egg so it’s very moisturizing for your hair. The high-fat content of avocados makes hair less dry and prone to breakage. Mix two tablespoon mayonnaise and half mashed avocado in a bowl until creamy. Apply through your hair but more concentrating on the ends. After you can use a wide tooth comb for even distribution.

Now for the girls with curls sitting at the tea table, this treatment also works great for you!

Let’s all keep protecting our crowns💆🏾👑!



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