Ink Stains


November 11, 2016


Hey 24!

Can you believe that I’m in my mid-twenties😳. And is it weird that I’m kinda totally okay with that?

Let me tell you guys these last 12 month’s been a ride, but despite it 23’s been so good to me and I want to thank God first and foremost for a year filled with blessings. I’ve spent countless days in the last year getting to know me. I guess I got a bit more selfish with my years. And by selfish I mean, Focus on me. Learning who I am and loving where I stand in this very moment. Letting go and just letting God. Throughout my life I’ve question a lot even if those questions were never asked outloud, I questioned everything and everyone. I guess that’s just the Scorpio in me. 23 was the beginning of a new chapter where I stop trynna orchestrate my life. I had this whole idea of the woman I wanted to be in my 20’s, from what I wanted to drive, where I want to live, and what I wanted to be. I started going with the flow. Even in those moments when life can get super stressful I try always make it an appoint to keep my heart covered in peace and gratefulness. Your girl had to “quit fronting and flourish”. I remember admiring a lot of people’s lives and happiness and thinking to myself,  I want that! Trust me, It’s not worth the though. I had to find me first for everthing to slowly follow. Everyone’s on different paths going through different journeys. This is my channel where I get to define my own purpose! 23 made me grateful. Grateful for my own canvas to create, grateful for forgiveness ,God grace and mercy, health, great circle of friends, experiences, opportunities, for 22 years of mistakes some to which I still make that helped mold me into the woman I’m becoming. Grateful for love!  Grateful for the extra miles I ran for undeserving people only to realize those miles gave me the endurance to walk away when I needed too. But Man am I Grateful for family!! It was in my 23rd year I prayed for my family more than I prayed for myself. I’m Forever grateful for my parents and my grandparents for always having my back. Thee truest unconditional love! I learned quite abit this year things like Always look your best, Give yourself deadlines, Time management is more like time priority. I once read somewhere that we should stop saying that we don’t have time for something and start saying, “it’s not a priority” pay close attention and see how that feels. I learned it’s ok to show emotions, It’s ok to cry . I never sugarcoat my emotions. I allow myself to feel what I feel, and I embrace what I’m feeling. I learned you can’t please everyone, I learned to be patient, I learned the importance of tranferable energy  and that if surround yourself with positive energy filled and like minded inviduals just watch how your life glows up.

24 I feel empowered knowing that I’ve learned so many wonderful things in my life so far. Probably  I want to be older for this same reason – to know now what I will know later. But I need to remember that life is a process and most of the fun of learning comes from figuring out the lesson. I pray these next 12 months bring forth riches & beautiful days. Riches in  happiness, riches in love, riches in wellness & health, prosperity, wisdom, knowledge.

Happy 24th self and safe travel 🎈✨!

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