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Ruby Kisses Matte Lipstick

One night while binge watching all of Naturally Sunny’s latest youtube videos (Think I’m obsessed with her), I fell in love with this lipstick that she was wearing, which happened to be Ruby Kisses Dark Plum Scene. Being me, I hopped online and purchased dark plum scene for a pretty decent price from Amazon. I loved it!

Now that I’m back home for a bit, I made a trip to the beauty supply store to reup on some hair products and while minding my business ( Not really) standing in line to check out, my eyes fell on their ruby kisses matte lipstick collection. Seeing that I actually liked dark plum scene, I decided to pick up a few colors that I will swatch for you guys.

Store: Beautilicious (St. Maarten). Also can be found online from various stores/vendors
Price: 3-4$

Taken without flash
Taken with flash


(L-R): Dark Plum Scene, Nude Rose, Sugar Pink, Mauve it, Beet it




First of all, these matte lipsticks are worth the price. The shades range from nude/mauve tones to super bright pinks and blues. They are highly pigmented and are best worn with a liner for a more flawless finish. They can also be worn beautifully when combined with another color. The one downside to this product is that it has to be reapplied multiple times throughout the day, it is not long wear. However, I do recommend them to anybody who is looking to add affordable matte lipsticks to their kit. 
I will probably update or follow up this post with some pictures of me wearing them, so definitely look out for that. 

Be well xoxo, Curls n’ Curves


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