skin care

Holy Grail Skin Care Product

Three words: African Black Soap! 

African black soap is the ideal everyday skin care product for oily acne prone skin. I’ve literally tried almost every combination and brand of African Black Soap that there is- African black soap w/ shea butter, coconut oil, you name it!


This little bar of magic is key for acne. Absolutely nothing in the world works better for me at cleansing my face during a breakout like black soap does when it comes to rapid results. In addition to all the great things, it is very affordable and is sold for no more than 7 bucks.  The soap helps to tone your skin and also helps by improving its texture over time. It also helps to clear up old acne spots, while effectively cleansing the skin. The soap works by penetrating the skin to remove impurities. It helps to prevent excessive oil production and bacterial growth, which sits at the core of acne production. Natural African black soap is made from dried plantain skins, palm leaves, cocoa pod powder and palm kernel oil; so these are definitely ingredients that you should look out for when picking up your soap. In addition, many recipes are made with a combination of coconut oil and/or raw shea butter for added moisture.

Black soap is said to be safe for all skin types and while it may work perfectly for persons with oily skin, it may not be as pleasant for those with dry skin due to the fact that the pod ash found in black soap may cause their skin dry out more.  The solution for this is simple, use it less (once or day) or opt for a soap that is made with a moisturizing oil/butter like coconut or shea

Regardless of your skin type however, you should definitely moisturize your face after cleansing with African Black Soap. Some of my favorite natural moisturizers are virgin coconut oil and grape seed oil (GOAT!).

P.S Black soap absorbs water and due to the high amounts of glycerin, the soap will soften and slowly begin to disintegrate when left exposed, so store it in a dry/cool spot!

Happy cleansing! xo Curls ‘n Curves

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