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Tips & Suggestions for Building Your Personal Makeup Collection Pt 2.

So I trust that you’ve read part 1 where I provided my top 3 tips for anyone considering to start their own makeup collection. Well now it’s on to the good stuff!

I’ve decided to put together a list of my favorite affordable products that I would recommend to anyone who is just starting to build their personal makeup collection or just starting to dabble into makeup.

While I can agree that foundations from brands such as Mac, Inglot & Nars for example, are indeed some of the best (Don’t debate me), I do identify with the struggle of not having Mac and Nars money to ball out all the time. Maybelline FIT ME! foundation  is definitely a bang for the buck. the coverage is average in my opinion, however, it is very buildable. (for a lack of better terms)

Finishes: Matte + Poreless & Dewy + Smooth
Skin types: Normal to dry & Normal to oily
Comes in 16 different shades


This one is pretty simple: LA PRO Girl Concealers
These concealers are also ideal for those who want to contour and highlight using cream products. This can be achieved simply by purchasing a shade lighter (for highlight) and a shade darker (for contour) than your actual shade. These concealers also come in the two most popular correcting shades, orange and green. (Aye S/O to my rattlers lol)

Another suggestion which is also my go to concealer is the Maybelline FaceStudio Master Conceal (pictured on the right). The coverage of this concealer is superb and it comes in 5 shades, ranging from fair to medium/deep.
Price: $8.99

Eyeshadow Palettes

– BH Cosmetics Eye shadow palettes. Available on

– Morphe 350. Available on


Pencil: a personal favorite of mine is the  NYX BEL 04 Kohl Kajal Black Liner.
Price: $6
Store: Ulta Cosmetics (Store & Online), CVS, NYX Online Store and Beautilicious Cosmetic Store (St. Maarten)

Liquid liner:  Pro Line Felt Tip Eyeliner by Wet n Wild
Price: $3.99
Store: Walgreens, Walmart & Wet n Wild Online Store

Gel liner: This one was a random purchase made at Ulta and it turned out to be a favorite.
Essence Gel Eyeliner
Store: Ulta Cosmetics, Ulta Online Store


Honestly, When it comes to mascara it’s always a hit or miss, but here’s my suggestions as far as brands go and also according to price range ($3.99 – $19.00): Essence, Maybelline & Inglot


My top recommendation for lipsticks is MAC, however some people consider spending $17 a pop on a lipstick to be splurging. In that case, NYX cosmetics also offer a wide variety of shades and finishes (creme, colored butter gloss & Matte) for your lipstick preference.
Price: $6-7.00

One of my personal faves right now is the NYX Ombre Lip Duo . These lip duos come in about 12 different shades and consists of a lip liner on one end and a colored lipstick on the other end to achieve a ombre lip effect. They retail for $12.

Contour & Highlight Palettes

NYX Highlight & Contour Pro Palette
Price: $25.00
Store: Ulta Cosmetics, Most NYX sections in your local CVS, NYX Online Store.
This powder palette, consists of 8 refillable highlight and contour shades (4 each). I like tis palette because it works just as well as the $40 high end brand contour palettes and the pans are also refillable and can be found on the online store for just $5.00.

Setting Powder
If you’ve ever looked at the Laura Mercier setting powder and thought “I need this!”, then this right here is perfect for you.  This is what I use to “bake”.

Coti Airspun loose face powder.

Comes in the following 3 shades: Translucent, Translucent extra coverage & Naturally Neutral.
Store: Walgreens, Walmart, Amazon
Price: $6.49 – $9.00

Not only are BH cosmetics brush sets affordable, they are also durable IMO. Brushes can be purchased on the BH cosmetics Online Store. Some other brand suggestions are real techniques and elf.

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