Glam Kit

Tips & Suggestions for Building Your Personal Makeup Collection Pt.1

Hi babies, Curls n’ Curves here and this week I’m here to share some tips & suggestions for anyone who may be struggling with building their own makeup collection.

I’m happy to share these tips and products with you guys as it actually hasn’t been that long since I started dibbling and dabbling in makeup products myself. Like many others, I also felt kind of lost as far as knowing what products were worth spending money on etc. I felt as though I had to go out and get the exact same products that I saw everyone using in order to achieve the looks I wanted to. I felt as if it didn’t make sense for me to sit and attempt to replicate the looks from my favorite tutorials, because I didn’t have majority of the products that were used. Below I’ve put together my top 3 tips as well as my top recommendations for building your personal makeup kit.

Tip #1: Don’t be intimidated by massive collections
Do not feel like you have to run out and buy every single product that you see because you want to have a big makeup collection like everyone else. Most of those people took years to build up their collections. If you’re a collector then you will expect to go out and purchase the products that you want. However, I would advise anyone to only purchase the products they know!
Please do not overspend on products that you don’t know how to use or probably won’t ever use because makeup isn’t cheap….at all! (sigh!)

Tip #2: Start low end and slowly move up to high end product
Majority of the looks that we try to replicate from youtube can be achieved by using more affordable, low end brand products. Please do not feel compelled to purchase a $60 highlighter for instance, when you can achieve the very same glow with a $10 highlighter. For almost every high end product there is a low end dupe that can achieve the same results. your pockets will thank you later.

Tip #3: Do your research
I guess this tip ties in well with tip #2, DO YOUR RESEARCH!
I always get upset with myself when I go out and purchase something impulsively. 5/10 I would purchase something that I really don’t need or that i would turn out to dislike and it would then sit in my collection catching dust. The best way I found to avoid this is by doing research. Find out what other people are thinking about the product, whether it’s on blogs, youtube or people you know. Also, by taking the time to research, 9/10 you will come up on a more affordable dupe for whatever product you were thinking of buying.

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