Ink Stains

Let that man be a man!

When I first saw this picture on my Instagram timeline, my initial response was “the table, dafuq?”.
I’m pretty sure that a lot of you are saying the very same thing to yourselves right now.

However, I had to sit down and check myself on that. Sis, while it is okay to intimidate a man, because it may push him to bring more to the “table” or whatever, it is not always the right thing to do. We are living in a time and age where men, black men are being treated like the scum of the earth. Our men are being targeted the minute he steps out of his home to the very minute he returns, if he returns. The very last thing he needs as a man is to come home to his “sanctuary” and continue having to fight to prove himself as a black man. Society has forced us to believe that if he does not possess “xyz” then he can not be considered a “man”.

As women, it is indeed important that we can provide for ourselves and have something to offer, but we have to learn to allow our men to just be men. An independent woman knows that she is strong with or without a man but she knows that as a woman she is twice as strong with a man at her side. While I concur with the idea that if your “independence” scares a man away then maybe he wasn’t ready to be a man, I also agree that sometimes we may come off a little too strong. See, women and men are wired differently and while some men don’t take hints easily, there’s some that see them like big neon signs. Replace “I don’t need you, because I can do it all by myself” with “although I can do it alone, I know I’ll be twice as strong with my man”. Ladies, we don’t need to join in on emasculating our men. Society has that job down packed.

So yes, be a woman who is all about hers and know how to get hers,
but also be that woman who knows when to step down or step aside and let her man be a man.

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