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DIY Sugar Scrub

Hey Queens!

So if you’ve read my DIY At Home Facial Post you may have seen me mention that I love to incorporate a home made sugar scrub to my facial routine. Today I’ll be sharing the recipe for that scrub with you queens, as well as discussing the benefits of a sugar scrub.

The mixture that I use is pretty simple and consists of:
1 Tbsp Coconut oil
1 Tbsp Brown sugar
Mix all ingredients and apply to face in a circular motion.

You can also mix:
1/2 Cup coconut oil
1/2 Cup Brown Sugar
Mix all ingredients and store in a mason jar for future use.

Benefits of using a face scrub: 
When you exfoliate using scrubs you help remove the dirt from your pores, remove old/dead skin and improve the overall surface and look of your face. When you scrub away the old “layer of skin” you reveal a softer and smoother layer of skin. Overall, scrubs act as skin polishers in my opinion. This scrubs leaves your face feeling smooooooooth!

Benefits of using brown sugar in your face scrubs: 
While white sugar is chemically processed, brown sugar is naturally colored with molasses. Molasses just so happens to be high in vitamin B, an antioxidant that helps to protect your skin from harmful UV rays. Also, brown sugar is softer and has much finer grains in comparison to its white counterparts making it safer to use on your face. The smaller grains are more gentle on the face and doesn’t leave behind microscopic cuts in the skin. img_8782

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