Girls With Curls

Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse

Missed wash day because of a busy weekend and now you have an even busier week ahead?
Well sis, this week’s hair post is just for you.

So last weekend I missed wash day and there was no way I could find enough time during the week to go through my whole wash day routine. Also, there was no way that a simple co-wash could thoroughly cleanse my hair. I don’t know about anyone else but dirty hair makes me feel dirty. So since I had packed on so much product on my hair (ecostyler gel etc.) during the previous week, I decided to do an apple cider vinegar since to the process to rid my hair of all the product build up.

Apple cider vinegar? in your hair? YUP!

Some benefits of ACV:
~ Removes product build up (What I was going for)
~ Balances the PH of hair
~ Helps itchy scalp
~Adds shine
~Helps with detangling. The acidity of the vinegar lays down/smoothen hair cuticles encouraging knots to slip out easily.
~Helps reduce frizz
& so much more.

img_8219I mixed 1/3 ACV to 2/3 water in a spray bottle. After shaking the mixture until it blended together, I proceeded to spray the mixture unto my hair. Starting at my scalp, I massaged the mixture into my scalp and continued to apply it to the remainder of my hair, until it was completely saturated. I let the rinse sit in my hair for no more than 3-5 mins, allowing the vinegar to activate and lift the product. I then washed that out and proceeded with my creme of nature conditioner. Don’t worry, after conditioning the scent of the vinegar will be gone.


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