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The BIGGER Picture


Today was one for the books. LITERALLY! Despite the rough day I had I found inspiration to write my first entry about today’s trial and triumph.

Today I woke up at 8:20am and was so relieved when I saw that I had about 2 more hours to enjoy the cold side of my bed. My interview was scheduled for 1pm which gave me about 2 hours to beat my face, pick something out to wear and do my hair. Although I got just enough sleep, I was still not in the best of moods and I can’t exactly tell you why.

I arrived at my interview about 10 minutes early and was greeted by about 6 other people so it seemed like they were all there for the same reason. Shortly after we were directed to a conference room, asked to sign in, and was given a form to fill out along with a booklet for notes. Being the ambivert that I am, I took a seat in the middle which was not too close for direct attention but still not too far from focus. It didn’t take me no more than about 10 minutes to realize that this was no interview. I was in a room with 29 other individuals with a projected screen on the wall. This was a presentation. **Rolls eyes** I was in no mood at all to sit and listen to anyone speak for a hour or more. In came the presentor who then introduced himself as Mr.Lucas the District Manager of the company. For the next two hours we sat through a detailed presentation of the company. We were shown what they offered and why 30 of us was sitting in a group setting.

Mr Lucas explained that after the presentation a few of us would be selected for a second interview.

I instantly said to myself that I didn’t care to be selected because after being in an unpleasant mood and forcefully sitting through that entire presentation, I was no longer interested in the job. The presentation was over and I was ready to be out and on my way. Mr Lucas handed us a questionnaire, asked that we fill it out, and told us to look out for a call by this afternoon before 5pm. While completing the questionnaire I got to a question that asked if I was interested in the opportunity, I paused.  All of me wanted to circle NO but I remembered at that very moment that I had been praying, begging, and complaining for another job. Here was an open opportunity right in front of my face.

We constantly ask God for a miracle, blessing, or breakthrough and let our current feelings or situations blind us from the bigger picture that is directly right infront of us. I pray for tunnel vision and discernment to be able to identify these blessings and moments when they come. This job would give me control of my own schedule and the benefits were crazy good. Meanwhile my present job offered no benefits and was not providing the hours that I needed. Although, the flexibility of my present job was faitheverything that my “laid-backness” (I just invented that word) loved, I needed more.

I continued completing the questionnaire while going back and forth in my mind. I was starting to see the bright side of everything my mood made me blind to. I decided to go with optimism and I circled yes on question 8 confirming that I was interested in the opportunity. I gathered my things and walked out the room. In the back of my mind there was still some doubt. I thought “29 other persons was in there, 29 probably more experienced persons too, there was no way that I would be selected.” Here I was watering the seed of the exact mood I tried to get myself out of a few minutes ago. I got home, hopped right back in bed scrolled through my phone enough times to make that presentation a faint memory, and then my phone rang.

Ugh, ** rolls eyes** “who’s this calling my phone now.”

I answered and to my very surprise it was Julie from HR telling me that I was selected for the second interview! “Lol” Well LOOK AT GOD! I was selected. To think I was just doubting the chances that I would get the call. On top of that I failed to mention that I didn’t even bother completing the survey after question #8.

God keeps showing me the real and I appreciate that. He keeps going over and beyond to prove himself as if he really needs to and I appreciate that.

John 14:13 states “And I will do whatever you ask in my name, so that the Father may be glorified in the Son.
Every blessing that has been set aside for you, will find you despite your mood and your optimism. Today just goes to show you that what God has set aside for you will be yours regardless. There was a bigger picture and a lesson in today. Faith the size of a mustard seed can move a mountain!

Nothing is impossible. I am possible.

3 thoughts on “The BIGGER Picture

  1. Once again, God shows himself and people still fail to believe. Nice read, it’s always refreshing to see, hear or read about having faith and patience because records have shown that I lack tolerance in regards to these virtues. Thank God again and congratulations on scoring a second interview. Cheers!

    P.S- hope you get the job, will be looking forward to see how this ends!


  2. Ha! I’ve been there.
    Come to think of it I live there.
    In a headspace of doubt and always letting the simple things get in the way.
    But he doesn’t fail to give you a little smack at the back of your head like “Hey!.. catch yourself, I’m here remember?!” Patience is everything ^_^
    Good things are coming honey! ♡

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