Creamy Crack Addict

STILL Addicted To That Creamy Crack!

Hey Queens! Gin’elle’s back with some tea for your sugar.

“Yeah, yeah” I know I’m one of the few left in the soon to be extinct group of #TeamyCreamyCrack! Maybe that means I’ll get lower prices on my perms, lol! I’ve heard all the stories, read all the social media posts but nothing has been able to convince me to join the Naturalist Wave. But before you come waving your Afro pic and eco styler gel reading me my natural hair rights, let me just tell you that my creamy crack addiction doesn’t mean that I’m not well educated on how to keep my hair thick and healthy. So sit back, RELAX (no pun intended, I promise) as I share with you a few of my favorite regimens to maintain my mane.

From the ages of 1-13 I have had a very consistent hair schedule. Every Saturday was wash & braid up day, at this age my hair was VERY MUCH STILL NATURAL. The thought alone of Saturday on a Friday was pretty exhausting lol. It took about 4 long head jerking hours just to tame the beast on my head. Around 14 I was exposed to what I thought was a Relaxer, which was really my first “Texturizer”.

Texturizers are commonly used on natural hair to break down the natural curl pattern. Texturizers are relaxers that are designed to be left on for a short period of time. The purpose for this is because texturizers aim at giving you a softer, looser curl pattern, not to completely straighten your hair. Well obviously no-one taught my stylist at the time anything about Texturizers.

Sidenote- Texturizing products are still based on sodium or calcium hydroxide which you should know are the main ingredients in lye and no lye relaxers respectively.

I then transitioned from a Texturizer to a Relaxer at the age of 16. I can remember this day like it was yesterday lol felt like the beginning of a new Era! I was too excited to tell “Joséphina” permanente (Relaxer in spanish) when she asked what I wanted to get done. My hair care schedule then continued to be an every Saturday salon visit. Whether it was for a treatment, chop, snip, and or color I always made it my business to take care of my hair.

My hair care experience started back in 2012, when I worked at Hair On Earth carefully under my mentor “Francine Carti”. I dedicate this segment to her, because if it was not for her I would not have known any of the things that I know now about hair. Francine has a total of over 30 years in the hair business. Receiving certifications in both US and French territories. She’s held over 6 hair shows and ran 3 salons over the years most recent being Hair On Earth. She was also recognized by a local event “Black Carpet Soiree” for her hard work and dedication to the Hair business on the island of Saint Martin. Thank you for having me at your side and being willing and patient to share your skills♥ 


Moving to florida was a major struggle for me hair wise. This meant finding a new stylist that i can trust and get comfortable with all over again. I grew up always hearing my grandmother advising me that I shouldn’t have too many different people in my hair and I took that very seriously! So I came up with a Hair care routine of products and ways to maintain my hair on my own.

Most recent length check. (ends untrimmed)

The first secret to having healthy relaxed hair is knowledge. Im gonna list a few points of what I know and what I personally apply to my hair care regime.

  • Infrequent Relaxers– I mean who doesn’t LOVE a slick ponytail and edges! I relaxed my hair every 8 weeks. It wasn’t until I lost a chunk of my hair! (NEVER AGAIN) Lol! I then pushed my full relaxers out to every 12-15 weeks, just touching up about 3 inches of both hairline and back for weaves is needed. (Frequent Relaxers weaken the hair causing hair loss and breakage.)
  • Low manipulation– I personally don’t play in my hair. If it’s done, it’s done, and if it’s not, it’s REALLY Not!  I’m talking “Bedhair looking bad” all day. (Excessive combing and brushing can weaken the hair shaft causing breakage and shedding.)
  • Conditioner– Thats the REAL hair crack right there! If it’s one thing I do frequently, it is condition my hair. I deep condition after every wash. Heat applied to any conditioner opens up the shaft to restore from inside out.
  • Moisture– Never underestimate the power of moisture for hair retention. Water plays a major role in keeping the hair hydrated and maintaining good moisture balance, which is needed to retain hair growth.
  • Oil– My theory for oils is if I can’t eat it for food or use it on my skin, then I am not putting it in my hair. so i use natural oil, natural oils are best because your hair gets to reap the benefits of it in its natural state. Oils are essential for healing split ends, sealing in moisture, and detangling. My oils of choice are coconut, castor, argan, extra virgin olive, and avocado.

Protective Styling – Nothing does the trick  of promoting hair growth while putting your hair to rest like a good ole protective style! Weather its weaves, braids, or wigs.con-arganProducts that i use 

Cream Of Nature (Argan Oil) Moisture & Shine Shampoo

Cream Of Nature (Argan Oil) Oil Moisture

Cream Of Nature (Argan Oil) Intense Conditioning Treatment

Cream Of Nature (Argan Oil) Shine Leave-in Conditioning Spray

Cream Of Nature (Argan Oil) Oil Treatment


Now you know what I know about my mane and how I keep it! 

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