Ink Stains

Yours Truly, Romantic

1 Corinthians 13:13

& now these three remain: Faith, Hope, & Love. But the greatest of these is Love ♥

If you know me or have followed me on any of my social media pages you would have probably observed that I am a romantic, not a hopeless one, but still a romantic. Besides, romance is the spark plug of love. Although I encourage, indulge, and absorb any and everything love related, I still think of love as self- definitive.

To reveal one’s bare heart, is both the weakest and strongest things a person can have the pleasure of doing in their life. There are many kinds of love. Most people seek its expression in a romantic relationship with a compatible partner.

Love gets a little uptight sometimes, it gets angry, but it also works hard.  Love can bare the most tough of things. The goal should always be to be strong enough to forgive a person for anything and wise enough to know when to distance yourself. Sometimes you got to take your hands off things so that it can heal properly. Love is about being honest, humble, and approachable in times of misunderstanding. Love makes you sick and exhausted. Love is becoming a good student of one another, but even a good student still comes up short on a class or two. Love makes you fat and makes you smile. It is the willingness to have less free time and less sleep if needed. Love makes you go the extra mile you didn’t even know existed. Love is not saying you’ll do it if needed. It is doing it when it is not. Love gets a little selfish sometimes but it also knows how to strip itself of all things in order to be selfless or whatever it needs to be for another. Love is perfect and maybe perfection is not what you thought it was. Maybe it is so much more simpler and so much closer than you thought. With love the right person will have you reimagining perfection.

My take on love is clearly explained in 1 Corinthians 13:4-8 and my only advice to fellow romantics like myself is Love until you cannot love no more, then love again.

Never give up on the idea of finding a love that matches your own. Great things takes time. Don’t waste your time on silly books or movies telling you how to love, who to love, or where to find it. But instead, study the word, stay patient with yourself, fall in love with the process, be kind, giving, and trusting. Do all these and I guarantee you love won’t be able to leave you alone. Nothing worth holding on to will ever destroy you.

I hope love finds everyone who wants it.

Yours Truly, Romantic♥

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