Girls With Curls

Giving Up That Creamy Crack

Hey sister girls, Curls ’n Curves here!

So some of the content that I personally will be blogging and vlogging about will be for my girls with curls. I know, i know…Why take hair advice or even listen to someone whose story you know nothing of.
well with that being said, let me give ya’ll the tea on my hair journey.

   From a little girl I have been blessed with a headful of thick and beautiful hair (Thank you mama!), which I also hated to have combed. I would legit cry at the site of my mother with a comb in her hand.(dramatic? yeah i know). However, As i had no choice at that point, I endured the pain and misery until I got to the 4th or 5th grade.
When I got to about the 5th grade, I managed to convince my mom to texturize my hair (Fail!). I texturized my hair once and proceeded to get blow outs every now and then. Going into the 6th grade, I gain more independence where my hair was concerned and started styling my own hair. It was then that i learned and perfected the art of finessing (LOL!).

As usual, I went to the salon, but on this trip I convinced the stylist to give me a relaxer.
At this point my mom no longer did my hair and I personally had no clue on what to do with my head full of hair. Getting a relaxer seemed to be the most logical solution to my first world problems at that point. After my first relaxer, I basically got my hair relaxed every 6 weeks to 2 months, up until November 2014.

Now you must know that during this time span of what was almost 10 years of relaxed hair, I also bleached and colored my hair numerous times .
I also cut bangs and multiple bobs over the years as I got bored easily.
Upon moving to Tallahassee in December 2014, I had no actual intentions of going natural. I moved to Tally with a fresh sew in and planned to continuously get sew ins and sporadically blow out my own hair, as I had often done before. I decided that this would be the smartest thing to do until it was time to return home for summer break. However, As my schedule got hectic and my pockets got thinner, my original plan became a thing of the past. I had to make a quick decision and so with the encouragement of friends, I decided to let my hair grow out. At this point I already had over two inches of new growth and my lil baby curls were already making an appearance. I had contemplated getting a relaxer on numerous occasions, but a lack of trust had prevented me from falling through.
I then began my transition and tried different hair styles on my hair, such as flexi rod sets, braid outs and twists outs, but my hair began to look so weak that I simply hated the way it would look so I  just kept my hair in a pony tail. I continued to get sew ins, but felt so bad every single time I applied heat to blend my leave out.

I got my first cut in October of 2014 and continued to get sew ins until I was satisfied with my growth and was mentally prepared to say goodbye to all of my relaxed ends. In February 2016, I made my final trip to the hair stylist and got the remainder of my relaxed hair cut off. That was one of the most emotional days of my life and I truly felt as though I had made the worst decision ever. I was so used to wearing my hair straight and way down my back, or at least past my ears and here I stood with a baby fro. Thankfully, I had enough hair to pull back into a puff. I think this was probably the most insecure that I had felt about my hair in all of my 23 years of life. I felt so ugly and so I jumped at the very first opportunity that I got to get braids, despite all of the compliments I received on my curl pattern.

Now, After having transitioned for what was just 14 months, and being completely natural for a total of 7 months, I must say that I have fallen in love and grown to appreciate my curls. Thinking back on it, I think that being at FAMU and being surrounded by so many naturals, made it easier as time progressed. I say this because, previous to that I was in an environment where I often heard that “being natural wasn’t for everybody” and where most women got their hair relaxed or wore weaves.  Another thing that made the process much more bearable, was the encouragement that I had received from some of my natural friends.

Beyond that, FAMU had taught me to embrace the woman that I truly was and what better way to do so, than by embracing my naturally grown hair.

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So now that I’ve shared my story with you guys, Are ya’ll ready to journey with me as a naturalista?

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