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DIY At Home Facial

So let’s talk about skin care!
Aside from getting my eyebrows to get along and be sisters, finding the right skin care routine that will continuously work for me has been the hardest thing ever.
We all know that water and a healthy diet is the key to smooth and shiny skin, however I will definitely have to admit that I cannot get myself to drink water as much as I should, no matter how much I try. What I will say though is that my skin has improved significantly over the past years. My acne was HORRIBLE! ugh! While i still do break out from time to time, it is nothing compared to what it was once. One of the ways in which I have managed to keep my skin under control is by doing weekly at home facials, which I LOVE!
I also tend to wear a lot of makeup so this is one the ways that I give my face the much needed TLC that it deserves.  I basically follow a simple 6 step routine that is much different from my everyday routine and incorporate some of my favorite skin care products to accomplish my facial.

Step 1: Cleanse
This part is the most important. Cleansing removes dirt, oil and any makeup that was left behind on your skin. (SN: You should always remove your makeup prior to cleansing) Start by rinsing your face with lukewarm water and then applying a dime size amount of your preferred cleanser and wash in an upward circular motion. I use Cetaphil cleanser on a cleansing brush for this part. 

Step 2: Exfoliate
Exfoliating helps with removal  dead skin that often leave our complexion looking dead and dry and then revealing fresh new skin cells. Exfoliating is an important step for achieving smoother appearance. Most importantly it leaves your face feeling SMOOTH as a babies butt. For this step you can incorporate your favorite facial scrub. As of late, I have been making my own scrub which I will post in a subsequent entry.

Step 3: Steam
This is my favorite part as it is the most relaxing. Steaming helps open up your pours. The easiest way to steam is by bringing water to boil in a large pot (big enough to fit your face) and proceed by holding your face over it with a towel covering your head. However, If you’re feeling fancy there are some very affordable steamers that you can purchase to incorporate in your at home facials

Step 4: Treatment Mask 
Now this is the real pampering!
After cleansing, steaming and getting my pours nice and clean, I then proceed to apply a facial mask.
There is never just one mask that I use and my choice of masks always depends on the kind of skin trouble I am having that week. However, one of my favorites and most used masks is a charcoal masks. The reason why I like this mask is because the activated charcoal aids with pulling out the impurities (black heads) from my pores. I apply my Clear improvement active charcoal mask by Origins  and let that sit for about 5 minutes before washing it off with warm water.

Step 5: Tone
While toning is very beneficial, I sometimes skip this step during my facials but try to incorporate it more in my daily routine. The only toner that I do use is a apple cider vinegar mixture. To apply, I lightly rub the ACV on my face with a cotton ball or pad. Toners are said to balance the natural PH of skin, as well as lighten sun spots and can improve acne.  Apple cider vinegar is like the holy grail for EVERYTHING! (I’ll post about it another time)

Step 5: Moisturize 
For this final step, I suggest using whatever moisturizer works best for you.
I go back and forth between moisturizers, I Cetaphil’s daily facial moisturizer or sometimes just a dime sized amount of unrefined coconut oil.

I recommend doing your facials on a day or night that you know you won’t be applying makeup for probably the next 24 hours to allow your face to breathe. Hope you guys enjoyed this post. Give it a go & let me know!

xoxo Curls n’ Curves

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