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Color Correcting

Hey sis! 

Okay so you’ve seen it everywhere, from youtube to your favorite makeup store.
There’s no doubt that the color correcting wave is a current favorite among your favorite youtuber or makeup artist alike. When it comes to incorporating it into your own makeup routine, I’m sure some people are caught staring at all those colored concealers like “what now?!”….I know, it happened to me too.

In a nutshell, color correcting is a technique used to correct skin tone issues like redness, dullness and discolorations caused by skin conditions such as acne etc. In all honesty, I don’t feel that everybody should color correct, because some issues can be fixed with the right combination of concealer and foundation. However, I know we all see things on ourselves that others may not see  and if you wanna correct that then Go ‘head do you boo boo!

The most commonly used correcting concealers are the orange, green and sometimes purple.

The green is used to cancel out redness caused by sunburn, skin irritation or those annoying unwanted pimples.

The peach and orange tones are used to cancel out blue and purple hues under the eyes and around the face. Basically these are the two colors that can be used to correct discolorations caused by acne scars etc.

The purple and lavender tones are used to correct yellow tones on dull skin.

Apply the corrector of your choice based on the issue that you wish to correct on clean, moisturized and primed skin before applying your foundation and concealer. A little goes a long way, so simply apply the product ONLY on the spots you wish to correct. Personally, I like to set my corrector with a setting spray or translucent powder prior to applying my foundation, simply because I want it to stay in place.

It is all about picking the right product and shades to not only target your problem area but to also match your skin tone. For example, for darker skin tones, it is better to opt for darker tones in you’re desires color because you don’t wanna have that white that’s in pastels sitting up on your face. Different strokes for different folks and there’s lots and lots to choose from. Don’t go crazy making it rain on big name color correcting palettes either. While I did purchase a color correcting palette myself, my favorite affordable go to concealer is the L.A girl PRO concealer in the shade ” Orange Corrector” and those could easily be found in your local hair store for no more than $3.

So make like Picasso and go color your canvas!
xoxo Curls n’ Curves

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