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10 Days Of Makeup With Gin’elle

In this 10 Days of Makeup challenge, you guys will get to know me little better as far as makeup is concerned

Day 1 – Favorite High End Product

My favorite high end makeup product would be my foundation. Through the years I’ve dibble daimg_0804bbled in between foundation searching for the perfect match but none seemed to give me that realistic look like my M.A.C  Matchmaster. The color that I use is 8.5.

What I love most about this foundation it is the satin like finish. After application it activates in your skin to match your skin tone. It’s a buildable foundation for great coverage and works really well on oily skin.

Price- $36.00

Store -M.A.C


Day 2 – 5 Can’t Live Without Products

  • Pencil – Any dark brown pencil from my local beauty supply.
  • LA Girl Pro Concealer (Favorites are Fawn & Toffee)img_0805
  • Elf Concealer Brush
  • Vaseline Lip Therapy  (Lip Balm)
  • Black Eyeliner(Cause without it, my eyes always looks swollen and my face looks boring lol)

Day 3 – Top 3 Lipsticks

  • M.A.C _Satin ~ Cyber
  • M.A.C_ Matte ~ Stone
  • M.A.C_Amplified ~ Blankety

Price- $17

Store found- M.A.C

Day 4 – Holy Grail Foundation

My “HOLY GRAIL FOUNDATION” would have to be the one I’m currently using, which like
I stated in Day 1, is the M.A.C Matchmaster foundation in the color 8.5.

Another “HOLY GRAIL” for me would be my alternative foundation that I use depending on my mood or the look that I want to go for and that is the “Maybelline FIT ME  Dewy + Smooth”  in the color 355 Coconut.

Price– $4.99-$6.99

Store– Local Drugstore, CVS, Walgreens, Some Beauty Supply stores.


Day 5 – Makeup Collection

My makeup collection consists of a little bit of everything, meaning both high end and drugstore brand products. As much as I love makeup, I do not invest heavily into it and always find dupes or cheaper products that basically gives me the same look or effect. I should really say the more I learn about makeup the more I invest in products, just not to sound too cheap lol. I’ve seen girls go out and buy products that they have no idea how to use or no knowledge on just because they’ve seen a MUA or their favorite youtuber using it. It could possibly be just my way of thinking but it makes absolutely no sense for me to go out and cop a $48 eyeshadow palette and have absolutely no idea on how to “really” apply eyeshadow properly. I start out with a more basic affordable dupe for practice then I go out and get the real good stuff lol. NO SHADE, I promise! I’m just stating my opinion . The brushes that I use are from the brand ELF and they’re very inexpensive click –> link for online purchase

Overall my makeup bag is pretty much filled up with everything and anything that gives me a satisfying makeup look for now.

Day 6 – Favorite Eyeshadow Palette 

Hmmm… Favorite eyeshadow palette lol, I honestly don’t have one. I actually just started messing around with eyeshadows about a few months ago. But one that I recently started using is called EYE CONTOURING by Ashley Lee. Like I stated above in Day 5, almost all of my makeup items are very inexpensive and I usually find a  dupe product to give me the same, close enough/satisfying effect. Ashley Lee is a Beauty Supply Brand Product, nothing fancy, but i found out that with a great eyeshadow base/primer, the pigments really pop more than they already do, which was the wow factor for me when i first tried it.

Day 7 – Favorite YouTube / MUA

My favorite YouTuber/MUA would be Lyric Rochester.

Why? I like Lyric Rochester first and foremost because she is a woman of color like myself. It would only make sense for me to take makeup tips and advice from someone who is close or of the same skin tone. Secondly, she has a lot of the same skin issues that I have as far as dark spots and combination skin. Her tutorials are also explained thoroughly. Everything is pretty easy to grasp. Lastly, a lot of the products that she uses are affordable and Drugstore/High End products.

Click here to check out and subscribe to her youtube page!

Day 8 – Essentials “What’s in your purse?”

What’s in my purse? ALOT! Watch as I take out everything individually so you have an exact idea on just what i mean by a lot lol!

Disclaimer – This is was randomly done so this is exactlyunnamed how my bag is on a regular.

  1. “Time of the month pouch” which usually contains (pads,tampon,wipes, advil, hand sanitizer, and extra pair of underwear)
  2. Makeup pouch (powder, powder brush, lipstick or gloss)
  3. 2 Wallets
  4. Body Lotion
  5. Pair of shades
  6. Pair of earrings
  7. Teabag, container of sugar (Don’t judge me! lol its for my “Time of the month package” )
  8. Portable Charger
  9. Lip Balm
  10. Pen, Headphone, Scrunchy
  11. Napkin

Part 2 (Full Video) -Coming Soon

Day 9 – Favorite Drugstore brand

  • Maybelline


Day 10 –  5 Facts About Yourself (Makeup Related)

1.My Eyebrows takes up the most time. I almost ALWAYS have to do 1 brow atleast 2 times before I’m completely satisfied with the outcome of both.

2. I don’t always use a primer and if I do I use milk of magnesia.

3. I love mixing my lipsticks (ombre effect).

4. I draw on a fake mole using liquid eyeliner from time to time.

5. Eyeliner and mascara are a must!

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